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General grain is a proven provider of mobile grain cleaning services established in 1988 our experience and proven track record have made us an industry leader in Central Plains area from Texas to the Canadian border.

We are also licensed in certified seed processing in North and South Dakota.

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Hannaford, USA - Weather via MSN Weather

Weather conditions and forecast for Hannaford, USA

Current conditions (as of 18:15)
Clear. 77°F (Feels like 77). Humidity: 44% Winds: 14 mph WSW.
All times shown are local to Hannaford, USA.
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Posted: September 2, 2014, 11:15 pm

Today: Scattered Thunderstorms.Scattered Thunderstorms Lo: 55°F. Hi: 79°F. Chance of precipitation: 20%
Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 57°F. Hi: 78°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Thursday: Partly Cloudy.Partly Cloudy Lo: 45°F. Hi: 66°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Friday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 47°F. Hi: 66°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%
Saturday: Mostly Sunny.Mostly Sunny Lo: 48°F. Hi: 70°F. Chance of precipitation: 0%

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(Data provided outside US and Canada by Foreca, Data provided for US and Canada by WDT)

Posted: September 2, 2014, 10:00 pm