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Our History

General Grain Cleaning began operations in 1988 with one portable cleaner doing seed processing, based out of Hannaford N.D. As the business grew, a second cleaner was added in 1994. The mid 90’s brought a wet cycle to the northern plains and fusarium head blight was a major problem in wheat. Gravity tables were added to the rigs to address the disease issues and separate the bad kernels from the good. As business increased, and soybean acres on the rise, a third rig was added to process Beans. In the year 2000 Karnak Elevator was purchased and became home base for General Grain.

Our main business remains processing Certified seed, licensed in North and South Dakota, but we also work with Distressed grains, mixed grain separations, and grain salvage. We have processed grain from the Port of Houston to the Canadian border. The addition of Karnak elevator gave us access to rail service, and the ability to work with distressed rail cars of grain and fertiliser also. Our list of grains we have the ability to process is extensive- Wheat-all types, Barley, Durum, Corn, Soybeans, Dry Edible beans, Field Peas, Flax, Canola, Mustard, Radish, to date. In the salvage/distressed department we have alternative markets for damaged or contaminated commodities, that are unable to go into normal market channels.

We also run a farming operation here in eastern North Dakota, that keeps us current with all aspects of production agriculture.

Dennis Haugen, pres.

General Grain.

Company Services

Certified Seed Processing Mixed seed separation Damaged grain upgrading Mobile Rotary Screen Services

Other Services

Distressed rail car service Offloading at any location Rotary screen service for contaminated grain or fertilizer We also have mainline BNSF rail service at Karnak or offloading or custom loading rail cars. Our facility has a 70’ certified scale. inner