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New! JackhammerRadish© seed

Read more about our new patented Diaconate radish seed called JackHammer Radish© We have a very desirable strain available that’s being used in cover crop programs in the central plains. Get larger production crop yields by using this new amazing cover crop.

proseedv2logo General Grain is a Pro SeedTM Authorized Distributor General Grain provides access to the entire line of Pro SeedTM products. Certified seed is NDSSD and SDSSD certified. www.state.gov Licensed roving grain buyer: public service commission

Certified Seed

General Grain offers a selection of certified seed, as well as many blends of cover crop seed. We can also provide made to order cover crop blends to suit your custom needs.

Certified barley seed: –
Celebration –
Conlon –
Lacey –
Stellar-ND –
Tradition Certified Field Pea: –
Cruiser –
DS Admiral Certified Soybean non-GMO: –
Ashtabula –
Sheyenne –
Traill Certified Spring wheat seed: –
Albany –
Barlow –
Breaker –
Brennan –
Brick –
Briggs –
Brogan –
Edge –
Faller –
Glenn –
Granite –
Howard –
Jenna –
Mott –
RB07 –
Samson –
Select –
Tom –
Vantage –

Barley Fodder Seed

General Grain offers Barley Fodder Seed for sprouting operations.  Our product is processed by State Certified equipment which includes gravity tables to provide the cleanest product possible.  Germination and purity of our product is done by the North Dakota State Seed Dept.  We have product available by bulk semi load, 2000 pound tote super sacks, or 50 pound bags.  2 or 6 row varieties available.  Prices F.O.B our location.  Call or email for pricing and freight quotes – maria@generalgrain.com – 800-797-3268

Fertilizer List

NH3 available at both Karnak and Crawford locations rental tanks available at Karnak Liquid 28-0-0, 32-0-0, 10-34-0 available at Crawford location only.