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Our Services


Mobile Certified Seed Processing

General Grain is a proven provider of mobile grain cleaning services established in 1988 our experience and proven track record have made us an industry leader in the Central Plains area from Texas to the Canadian border. We are also licensed in certified seed processing in North and South Dakota. {include more information here on the permits and the permitting authorities} Our portable rigs are completely self contained with our own generators for power supply and augers or belt conveyor for moving product. Our cleaning line consists of screeners aspiration indent cleaners and our final cleaning process is done with HeidTM gravity tables. Processing at the Crawford location is for market upgrading and salvage only (no seed processing there).


Mobile Commercial Seed Processing

General Grain can fulfill all of your commercial seed processing needs Alternative markets for damaged grain on Low falling number upgrading Mixed seed separation We also handle rejected/distressed damaged grain on rail cars with offloading capabilities at any location.


Salvage Services

We have alternative markets for damaged/distressed grains. Which include heat damaged, insect, and mixed grains.
Contact Dennis regarding salvage needs.